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  What is a Winding Up Petition?  

See how we have helped struggling businesses back on their feet with their finances...

Testimonial 1
"Despite not over trading and putting thousands of pounds into my business, I ended up owing one creditor just over four thousand pounds and couldn’t pay. He refused to negotiate with me and issued a Winding Up Petition as soon as he found out I was having problems.

It took me just over a month to get the money together to pay him, but he was determined to make me shut down regardless – his idea of punishment for making him wait so long I guess. He was very threatening and personal. I had pretty much come to accept that I would have to stop trading and make my staff redundant.

Then I found one evening and phoned the next day. They gave me some terrific advice on how to deal with my creditor and stop the Winding Up Petition. It worked. He backed off, accepted my original payment and even apologized afterwards! I went from staring liquidation in the face to getting my business back."

S Waybridge, Herts

Testimonial 2
"Just a quick email to say Thank You!!!!

I was so glad I spoke to you. Your advice was great and I can’t wait for our meeting Friday to go over the books. The thought that you can get the Winding Up Petition stopped and then help us look at ways to tighten things up a bit and free up some more cash to pay off some suppliers is such a major relief I can’t tell you.

I haven’t been this optimistic about our future in ages!"

K Waters, Dudley

Testimonial 3
"We owed horrible amounts of money; £30,000 to HMRC and £20,000 to suppliers, when we got hit by a Winding Up Petition. I can’t really blame the creditor that did it – they’d been waiting for nearly four months for payment.

We stopped trading for a while and closed the office, just sort of sat there waiting for them to force us into liquidation because we couldn’t afford to do it ourselves.

Quite by chance our accountant had another client who had used in the past and suggested we call them. Because of the stress and worry we hadn’t been able to think things through properly, but the advisers helped us see that we didn’t need to sit there and wait to be shut down. We ended up negotiating with our creditors for time and restructured everything so we can wind the company up on our terms and get a higher dividend to our creditors as well!"

P Marks, London

Testimonial 4
"After weeks and weeks of talking to accountants, solicitors, banks and HMRC – who issued our original Winding Up Petition - and getting no where, just one conversation and one meeting with advisers from and they managed to find a valuable asset we didn’t even know we had. I couldn’t believe it!

The courts and creditors agreed to let us put the company into administration and restructure it, saving the jobs of our staff and letting us plan how to generate enough money to pay back our creditors.

We’re six months into the implementation of the plan and already we have managed to pay back about a fifth of what we owe. Ours is a third generation family business and its loss would have devastated our family."

M Anthill, Birmingham

Testimonial 5
"Winding Up were fantastic and helped us fend off a malicious supplier who had done a poor job and was still demanding payment. We were so worried about the effect on our business that we were about to pay his invoice and costs after he issued the Winding Up petition just to stop him advertising it in the London Gazette. It could have cost us our business."

J Hart, Devon



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